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Model: GGR – 36
The One! The Only! The Original! The OG! Black Leaf! 32cm Straight stem glass bong..
Ex Tax:R420.00
The Simpsons 36cm Glass Bong
New Out Of Stock
Model: GGR – 35
Fancy a spliff with your yellow friends? 36cm Glass Bong Head and downpipe included..
Ex Tax:R700.00
Model: GGR – 42
TOPPUFF Multi-Function Travel Bong Nifty design incorporates grinder and stash box Includes universal bottlecap attachment ;) LED Light feature..
Ex Tax:R200.00
TopPuff Travel Bong
New Out Of Stock
Model: GGR – 49
Top Puff is THE portable water pipe of choice! Allowing you to pack a quick pot-break into your schedule for those on the go or even turn any standard disposable water bottle into a fully functional bong in seconds. The perfect party trick!..
Ex Tax:R150.00
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