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Model: GGR – 29
A fan favourite! Throwback to your inner teen and get your hands on this must-have Rick & Morty Rolling Tray...
Ex Tax:R200.00
Model: GGR – 36
The One! The Only! The Original! The OG! Black Leaf! 32cm Straight stem glass bong..
Ex Tax:R420.00
Model: GGR - V - 218
Black Mesh MultiTier Drying Rack 60CM *Available in 6 and 8 tiers  ..
Ex Tax:R449.00
Model: GGR – 56
*Assorted Colours Available..
Ex Tax:R80.00
Model: GGR – 27
The Butt Bucket has become a common site in the public eye. These ashtrays are very handy as they snuff the cigarette as it is deposited inside the bucket. It also serves as a great outdoor ashtray as the ash is concealed inside the bucket itself, doing away with the stale smell of smoke...
Ex Tax:R49.00
Model: GGR – 66
Be the envy amongst your crew with Green Smoke Room Seed's King Size Slim Rolling Papers!..
Ex Tax:R40.00
Model: GGR – 63
Mobile Cannabis Testing HiGrade provides you with instant cannabis testing straight from your smartphone. Check your bud’s THC level, know its quality, or simply be more mindful about the product you consume...
Ex Tax:R1,250.00
Model: GGR – 46
Honey Puff’s pre-rolled transparent cones are bursting with flavour and will greatly improve the quality and taste of your smoke. This product does not contain any tobacco or nicotine. Each tube contains 2 cones...
Ex Tax:R75.00
Model: GGR – 62
Wax atomizers allow you to dab using your vape mod. They screw on to your device through its 510 connection. Using a rig can still be fun, but dab atomizers are more practical for traveling and can be just as effective if you use them properly. If you already own a device capable of handling a su..
Ex Tax:R500.00
Model: GGR – 18
Rosin press machine KP-1..
Ex Tax:R6,799.00
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