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Umya Nutrients CalMag Essential
Model: UMCE01
Umya Nutrients CalMag Essential is a Calcium and Magnesium supplement specifically developed to improve soil CEC (cation exchange capacity). This product improves soil structure stability, nutrient availability, soil pH and the soil’s reaction to fertilisers making it a great addition to your r..
Ex Tax:R99.00
Model: UMCK01
Umya Nutrients Carbon K is a water-soluble supplement specifically developed as a flower enhancer for use in mid – late flowering.DIRECTIONS FOR USE Add 10g of Carbon K to 10L of water. Stir until dissolved. Applied in the flowering stage. Click for Feeding Schedule ..
Ex Tax:R149.00
Model: UMHC01
Umya Nutrients Hormo Cibus contains a natural balance of plant hormones whichHelp the vegetative propagation of plants.Promote cell division.Stimulate shoot proliferation.Activate gene expression and metabolic activity in general.For use during the vegetative stage of plant growth and on cuttings/ c..
Ex Tax:R119.00
Model: GGR – 41
Umya Nutrients Multi Amino 1LUmya Nutrients Multi Amino provides your plants with a blend of 20 amino acids which play a key role in the synthesis of proteins, enzymes and hormones...
Ex Tax:R219.00
Umya Nutrients Multi Silica 1L
Model: GGR – 40
Umya Nutrients Multi Silica 1LMulti Silica is an organic liquid product containing diatoms and various other elements to ensure optimal efficiency and availability of silica to the plant. This product can be mixed with water and applied through any irrigation system as all the particles in th..
Ex Tax:R259.00
Model: UMNC01
Umya Nutrients NC32Umya Nutrients NC32 protects the plant against chemical burn, and combats leaching of essential nitrogen to guarantee more reliable uptake. Volatile nitrogen is entrapped by carbon to produce plant available nitrogen which releases slowly over time. This ensures a more consis..
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Model: UPG01
Umya Nutrients Pot GrowUmya Nutrients Pot Grow keeps your plants green and growing. Pot Grow is a water-soluble base nutrient which provides a complete feeding for plants in the vegetative stage before their transition to flowering.DIRECTIONS FOR USE Add 10g of POT GROW to 10L of water. Stir u..
Ex Tax:R119.00
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