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Organics Matter

Model: GGR - V - 278
Organics Matter Alfalfa Meal 5 LitreThe alfalfa meal serves as food for the microorganisms in the soil, in turn benefiting the plants. Earthworms love alfalfa meal as well as it speeds up the decomposition process in your compost heap, worm bin and garden soil. Work 1 to 2 cups of the ..
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Model: GGR - V - 279
Organics Matter Alfalfa MulchBecause the alfalfa contains high levels of nitrogen, it decomposes rapidly, allowing for the nitrogen to be fed into the soil.  It also contains phosphorous, potassium and other trace minerals beneficial to your plants.  Finally, triacontanol present in alfalf..
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Model: GGR - V - 281
Organics Matter Barley Sprouting SeedsBarley grown as a cover crop is a green manure (once uprooted serves as a mulch and soil amendment) that improves soil structure, reduces occurrence of weeds, attracts beneficial insects and increases the organic matter available to your soil.  The deep, fi..
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Model: GGR - V - 282
Organics Matter Basalt Rock Dust Contains 72 major and trace elements Better soil structure and drainage Improves cation exchange Re-mineralise Soil Organic slow-release fertiliser Provides slow natural release of minerals and trace elements Stimulates soil micro-o..
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Model: GGR - V - 283
Organics Matter BiocharIodine Number 471 mg/g Fixed Carbon Content 90 % Ash Content 3 % Moisture content 5 % pH 10 Bulk Density 100 kg/m3 Average pore Diameter 18 Å Total Pore Volume 245 cm3/kg ..
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Model: GGR - V - 284
Organics Matter Bone Meal..
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Model: GGR - V - 286
Organics Matter Diatomaceous EarthSilica (Si) is an important element for plants, essential to good health. Silica is taken up and deposited in plant tissue, enhancing the plant’s ability to deal with both biological and environmental stresses. This in turn benefits the grower by resulting in signif..
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Model: GGR - V - 287
Organics Matter Diatomaceous EarthDue to its fine particle size, the agricultural lime product reacts quickly with the soil, providing farmers with an affordable and efficient liming product that can restore and enhance soils to the optimum pH range suitable for a variety of food crops. Added..
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Organics Matter Fulvic Acid Powder
Model: GGR - V - 288
Organics Matter Fulvic Acid PowderProperties: Fulvic Acid 800 g/kg Moisture max 15% Solubility 100% Appearance Fine Brown to Golden powder General Application: Soil application: 2-5 kg per ha As part of fertilis..
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Organics Matter Gypsum
Model: GGR - V - 289
Organics Matter GypsumAdded Benefits: Loosen heavy, clay soils allowing air and water to penetrate Supplement calcium and sulphates in a form readily available to plants Improve the structure of alkaline soils by removing excess sodium Eliminate surface crusting..
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Organics Matter Humic Acid Granular
Model: GGR - V - 290
Organics Matter Humic Acid GranularAvailable in a 70% granule, ideal for use with granular fertilisers. Particle size : 2 – 5mm granule Properties: Humic Acid 700 g/kg Potassium 66.4 g/kg Moisture max 15% Solubility 85% ..
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