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Freedom Farms Formula 1 30L
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Model: FFF101
Formula 1 Soil by Freedom Farms is specially formulated using 100% natural ingredients to give the individual more control of the nutrients within the substrate, resulting in faster plant growth.  ..
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Freedom Farms MicroLife 1L
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Model: FFML01
Microbial fermentation of fish meal, molasses, and kelp by beneficial microorganisms through a 3 month heated fermentation process. Used as a complete organic nutrient and soil conditioner. Highest in Nitrogen but contains high amounts of all other essential nutrients. Size: 1 Litre  ..
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Model: FFOPM01
A blend of the finest, 100% natural ingredients including coco coir, vermiculite, volcanic rock dust and bone meal hav been sourced to produce this Premium Potting Mix.   Perfectly aerated and full of beneficial microbes help keep the plant healthy and problem free...
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Model: GGR – 51
Probiotics by Freedom Farms Size: 1 Litre Plant & soil beneficial microorganisms Fermented probiotic liquid cultured through a 3 week heated fermentation process using pure mother stock of Effective Microorganisms (EM-1). Pure molasses is used as the main microbial food source to obtain..
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Model: GGR – 146
The Seedling Starter Mix by Freedom Farms is a living soil that has been formulated with your roots in mind. Perfectly aerated for optimum oxygen exposure, supplemented with natural plant macro and micro nutrients for greater plant health and full of beneficial microbes to keep the root zone heal..
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