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CannaBiz BioPhos Repro 1L
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Model: GGR – 24
BioPhos Repro biological phosphate Plant Stress Management (BLOOM) BioPhos Reproductive is a water-soluble biological phosphate Plant Stress Management product and has been specifically formulated for efficient uptake through the leaves of your plants. The water-soluble phosphorous is highly ava..
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Model: GGR - V - 200
Ingredients: Probiotic Microorganisms Fulvic Acid Rock Phosphate..
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Model: EMPS001
Pro-Soil is a naturally fermented live (non-freeze dried)microbial soil enhancer that increases plant growth and health, and allows you to reduce or eliminate chemical inputs. Pro-Soil contains multiple classes of mutually supportive microorganisms (beneficial bacteria) that are grown together, at b..
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enOrmus Bud BioActive Cell Food
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Model: ENBUD01
enOrmus Bud Bio-Active Cell Food nourishes the microbes and fungi found in the soil, providing over 80 minerals masterfully blended together with fulvic and humic acids and natural plant hormones...
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Model: GGR - V - 197
ExploGrow™ is a revolutionary organic marijuana biofertilizer and an inoculant in a league of its own, comprising 17 highly complex micro-organisms. ExploGrow™ is an environmentally friendly soil ameliorant and plant growth stimulant with increased soil microbial balance properties: contains no grow..
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Model: FFFJ01
The all-powerful organic flowering supplement. Liquified from bone meal by beneficial microorganisms through a 3 month heated fermentation process. Humic and Fulvic acid is added to stabilize the release of highly available Phosphorus and Calcium. Highly active in beneficial soil microorganisms. ..
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Model: FFK01
Freedom Farms Kelp Nutrient. A bio-fertiliser, plant stimulant and soil conditioner. Kelp contains essential plant macro- and micro- elements as well as plant growth regulators. Kelp has benefits for both soil and plant and can be applied throughout the plant’s life cycle. Size: 1L..
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Freedom Farms MicroLife 1L
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Model: FFML01
Microbial fermentation of fish meal, molasses, and kelp by beneficial microorganisms through a 3 month heated fermentation process. Used as a complete organic nutrient and soil conditioner. Highest in Nitrogen but contains high amounts of all other essential nutrients. Size: 1 Litre  ..
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Model: GGR – 51
Probiotics by Freedom Farms Size: 1 Litre Plant & soil beneficial microorganisms Fermented probiotic liquid cultured through a 3 week heated fermentation process using pure mother stock of Effective Microorganisms (EM-1). Pure molasses is used as the main microbial food source to obtain..
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Model: MYC01
Mycoroot Suppliers of mycorrhizas which are a commercially available soil amendment product containing indigenous AM fungal species Their presence results in; increased uptake of nutrients and water, increased soil biological activity, improved soil structure and aeration, reduced effe..
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Plant Elixir Fulvates 2 Litre
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Model: PLEF01
Help your plants reach their full potential with Plant Elixir!   Using Fulvic Acid, this bio stimulant helps deliver vital minerals key to the plant’s metabolism regardless of the PH level!..
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Plant Elixir Humates 2 Litre
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Model: PLEH01
Help your plants reach their full potential with Plant Elixir!   Combining with minerals in the soil, Humate will boost your plants nutrient intake whilst generally improving the quality of your soil too!..
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