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Model: GGR - V - 201
The adjustable wing reflector has aluminium wings in order to spread the light optimally across your growing area. Adjust the Reflector & Lamp settings to create 'seasonal' conditions as you need for growing or flowering.   Saves up to 44% Energy Generates up to 44..
Ex Tax:R999.00
Model: GGR - V - 204
Air Cooled CoolTube Reflectors Accommodate most lamp types up to 1000W. Internal and external reflectors are included and the External reflectors are removable. CoolTube Reflectors are made from premium highly reflective aluminum they come with built-in socket and 3m pre-wir..
Ex Tax:R1,199.00
Model: BWR01
This highly reflective textured aluminium wing reflector will work with MH/HPS bulbs up to 1000W! It has adjustable aluminium wings that can be bent in order to spread the light optimally across your growing area...
Ex Tax:R549.00
Model: GLCO01
Achieve absolute perfection with this must-have Clip-On Grow Light. Complete with built-in timer for Indoor plants as well as an auto on/off switch, this dimmable light with base clip will make your growing life a breeze. Get started on anything and everything from vegetables to flowers, even suc..
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Model: GGR – 20
The high efficiency of double-ended (DE) lighting fixtures makes an ideal choice for professional and amateur growers. The FlexStar systems combines the high efficiency of a double-ended fixture with a 95% reflective premium-grade Vega aluminium embossed reflector. This reflector is adjustable to 3 ..
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Model: HDB01
These digital ballasts are designed optimally for plant growth. Hydrodepot ballasts are matched to our lamps that are fine-tuned for optimal output and the least amount of depreciation over time. These are provided by a local South African company that supplies quality digital ballasts and grow lamp..
Ex Tax:R2,920.00
Model: GGR - V - 238
Features: Energy-saving Eco-friendly High in light absorption rate High PPFD value Samsung led chips Full-spectrum LED source Aluminium heat sink No radiation Meanwell LED drivers Long lifespan can reach 50,000 hours..
Ex Tax:R3,499.00
Solis Tek 600W Digital Ballast
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Model: STDB01
SolisTek SE/DE digital ballast designed for single & double ended lamps. The SolisTek SE/DE ballast will operate any single or double ended lamp at its optimal efficiency. We have matched single & double ended lamps in both HPS and MH. The SolisTek Ballast is a digital ballast on a sof..
Ex Tax:R3,475.00
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