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Water & Air

Model: GGR - V - 309
Acoustic Flex Air Ducting 10 Metre length provides higher insertion losses than standard flexible duct and is ideal for reducing low frequency noise levels in air conditioning systems...
Ex Tax:R999.00
Model: GGR - V - 237
Adjustable Air Duct Clamps Various sizes available ..
Ex Tax:R30.00
Model: GGR - V - 262
Black Pot Plant Saucers, keep your environment a clean space*available in various sizes..
Ex Tax:R49.00
Model: GGR – 14
CF EC Measuring Stick 2385 Electrical Conductivity Measuring Stick..
Ex Tax:R699.00
Model: GGR – 17
CO2 Tablets for supplementing CO2..
Ex Tax:R120.00
Model: GGR - V - 261
Various Sizes available: 100ml Measuring Beaker - 2ml increments 250ml Measuring Beaker - 5ml increments 1 Litre Measuring Beaker - 20ml increments 2 Litre Measuring Beaker - 20ml increments  ..
Ex Tax:R20.00
Model: GGR – 110
A strong acid used to lower the pH of water. 1000ml..
Ex Tax:R150.00
Happy Harvest PH Up 1L
Out Of Stock
Model: GGR – 109
A strong base used to raise the pH of water. 1000ml..
Ex Tax:R150.00
Model: GGR - V - 235
Available in: 4″ Fan (100mm) 2 speed 6″ Fan (150mm) 2 speed 8″ Fan (200mm) 2 speed   DURABLE PP PLASTIC MATERIAL: Fan frame and blade are made of high-quality durable PP plastic, UV and corrosion resistant, ultra portable. WATERPROOF AND DUST RESIST: Durable plastic fan is..
Ex Tax:R1,399.00
Model: GGR – 103
Support your plants and allow for seamless transplanting Provide roots with excellent aeration Strong and robust, these pots can be reused. Suitable for a range of hydroponic uses..
Ex Tax:R5.00
Model: GGR – 06
Non-Return Air Valve for use with Air Pumps 2PCs..
Ex Tax:R30.00
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