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The Green Grow Room Story

Over a decade ago, CO-founder Dave found himself cultivating as a hobby and has been fine-tuning his knowledge in this industry, swiftly moving into local trade markets and fairs, and with What initially started as an awareness campaign for a side line hustle quickly turned into a full scale business opportunity which saw Dave leave his permanent employment to focus his time primarily on his Grow Budz endeavours…

Notwithstanding the many tough obstacles dave had in front of him and his business, he managed to forge powerful relationships and establish meaningful connections in the industry becoming a formidable force in the industry himself.


Meanwhile over a decade ago in a completely different part of South Africa, Jordyn had a dream to build a successful brand that had influence on the industry and was a market leader. With a lot of hard work, determination and drive, Green Smoke Room Seeds was Born;  Jordyn spent the last decade forming close ties with international figures in the industry and conducting business in a professional fashion, and is  now an internationally recognised as a world class genetics supplier and breeder.


As with any good marriage, one needs to have a meaningful and fulfilling courtship: In 2017 the two men, being so involved and already breaking ground in the industry, finally met and some would say it was love at first sight.


This was the beginning of a beautiful 2 year dating period whereby Grow Budz and Green Smoke Room were taking the time to learn about each others practices and business operations and procedures; developing and maturing the bond between the two giants.

With ever changing times due to covid and the economy, the men decided that they need to provide the BEST service based retail business model in the industry….. AND SO GREEN GROW ROOM WAS BORN!!


Dave and Jordan dispatched the Green Grow Room formally on 24 September 2020. The shop isn't huge, however it's anything but a casual air, Dave, in his actual style, is always sharing his bits of knowledge and tips and setting aside the time to ensure that you are cared for. The shop is directly next door to the Green Smoke Room seeds, which makes it an optimal shopping experience. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or a prepared cultivator, GREEN GROW ROOM is worth the visit.